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29 08 2011

I woke up this morning inspired. At first, I was a bit hesitant to even consider a post like this. I mean, who wants to hear a woman ramble about something that many people feel afraid of to even discuss?  Who wants to consider the  very idea of spiritual war going on right in front of us?  I would be exposing myself, my hubby and my children to a whole slew of criticism. Other people might judge me or think I am crazy. Well, let me tell you what is crazy. Crazy is not honoring the gifts you have been given and using them to do some good for others. Crazy is being able to live in the real world of today right along with the spiritual world many people don’t seem too much too care about. Crazy is not using the very gifts you were granted for the well being, healing and benefit of others.

I live in two worlds. I walk in two worlds. There is the every day life of being a mother, a wife, a volunteer ,  a student, and just about anything else my family needs or requires of me.  Then there  is this other world. Seeing what goes on when people live without the acknowledgment of forces around us and how they affect every day life.  This life, gifted by Heavenly Father, has allowed me to bare witness to  the spiritual war going on all around us.   I see and witness the demons with men and how they create havoc on this Earth.  How these demons hurt  the ones they are attached to and those around them. How they get in the way or just hurt others for pure sport. How every action in the physical world is a reflection of both the darkness and the Light. Things people do not want to admit too, I see. I wish more people could see what I see. Could understand how the very good they do affects the goodness in this world every day. How the goodness manifests itself three fold for others. How the very bad they do causes pain and suffering to untold masses. Yes this is really happening people. I am not alone with these gifts either. Many see what I see but out of Fear they deny their gifts.

What are these things I see, feel and hear. I see those that die and move onto Heavenly Father. I saw my Aunt’s passing and then watched her spirit at peace when she left to be with Him. She was more beautiful than I have ever seen her. She stood next to the tree, near her grave sight and smiled.  I felt her peace. I long for that same sense of peace too. I know when I meet Him, it will over shadow everything accomplished in this life here.  I have a sense of people more than they realize. What you call intuition, I call discernment. Most of the time, I can tell when someone is good or bad. I hate to make such a general statement, but this is just my interpretation of the information given to me at the time.  I see the souls that remain on this  plane with us as well.  Those  whose unfinished business keeps them locked  here and away from the Light of Heavenly Father.This is something the darkness desires most assuredly. More pain and suffering bring about more power.  I have talked with many, prayed over many and witnessed angels take them Home to Him. The first one that spoke to me, came about when I was much younger. Age 6 to be exact. I saw her, she saw me. This can be quite frightening when this happens for the first time especially when you are not knowing WTF is going on. I was grounded in God then as a child.  I believed that is what shielded me from the possible bad affects of these very gifts. I helped this spirit cross over and more came. As I grew older, the importance of prayer as well as meditation allowed for some pretty incredible miracles to take place here on Earth both spiritually and physically.

I have no power but through Him. I have none  and only that which  He gives me and allows for His good use and His good  name. These are some of the truest words ever spoken.  These are some of the words often used in times of prayer for my family and friends.

My most recent event came by way of Divine friendship. Myself and 4 other women healed,  through prayer and some smudging,  a friend in which a demon was attached. Back in the days,  local Shaman would banish an excorcised demon to a tree or rock. This was a sloppy practice. If the tree, rock or artifact chipped or broke the next unlucky passerby would inherit a mess from it.  The Native American way, the way in which I was taught, is to banish it back to Heavenly Father. No messing around. No trace anymore. We can do all things through HIM.

It was a lot to take in when, I first noticed what was going on. I was afraid to talk to this person about what I saw. I was afraid to put myself out there.  After much time on my end and 2 really good spiritual friends in their own right, the three of us decided to take this on with the Armor of Him. For our dear friend in pain, it took time, test, money pain and  medicine  before she could  accept a different approach. Before she could accept a spiritual healing.  I knew what was going on, but how do tell someone they need quite frankly an exorcism? Someone you do not know. Someone who is of God, but does not know you are as well? Are we that far removed from the Holy Spirit in this country that we forgot what the Holy Spirit feels like? Are we so removed from our natural surroundings, we do not have the ability to recognize evilness in its old form? We are that far removed as a people and as individuals. It is a plain and simple truth.

People do not want to talk about these things and I have been cautious to tell only those I trust out of Fear of being ostracized, criticized, and judged. I am after all human and it would hurt. But what is so different about today? Why come out today? Because Fear is a Demon that holds us back. It is the opposite of passion and vision that can create something beautiful from nothing.  Fear is a tool of the Darkness. Respect should be given to it. For people have stopped dead in their tracks because of it. Progress can be halted. Passion stifled. One of the most powerful tools to witness is the effects of fear on people. If you can imprison their mind, you can imprison them.You hold them in Fear and you hold their power. That is what the spiritual war is about. It is about emotional power over another in order to create a physical power over them.

This is the opposite of God and what His plan is for us. He loved us so much He gave His only son for us to Be with HIM. It was the ACT of this Love that denies the Darkness  any power. It is the act of Love that  wishes the best for others; not suffering.

Depression is a Demon. Poverty is a Demon. Many aspects of what we see in society are all a direct effect of the evil actions  spoken or taken.  They are tools used to keep the soul in its place and away from the light of Heavenly Father.

I am over living in Fear. I am beautifully and wonderfully made for Him to glorify and testify to His being. I have spent many years as an outsider, not fitting in because of my ADHD or because I am not rich enough, thin enough, smart enough or anything else for that matter. I have spent many years in torment as a victim of childhood abuse. I shed this bonds today and live to Honor and glorify Him, without taking away another’s choice to do the same.

I will use  the spiritual gifts bestowed upon me to Glorify Him and help others. I will teach my children about the spiritual war and how to keep it from affecting us in our home and every day life. I have to as I have two children with the same gifts as me.




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30 08 2011
Pat Cegan

So beautiful, your sharing. You are not alone, there are many of us. I am an American living in Brazil and here so much is accepted that the American culture denies, even ridicules. I honor you before our Creator for your courage and the work you do. I send you much love and light, pat

30 08 2011
Ramblings of a military spouse....

My turning point was when a friend came back from Uganda. She was touched by something quiet dark. You are right, many in America lost their way and I have no idea what is even going on around them. It is sad. My mentors, my teachers have helped with so much. Thanks for posting. It means a lot!

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