Spiritual Warriors……

2 09 2011

Spiritual Warriors…

They are all around us. They are embedded in our society. They glow with Heavenly Fathers light. They are passionate in what they do and it radiates from their soul.  Their jobs are very different.  Each has their own gift but their goals are one in the same. They exemplify the good in man in order for us to witness a living God.   Yes, witness a living God.

He is all around us as is the other side. With today’s advances in technology and fast-paced living, we need to take the time to witness His beauty when we come across it. We need to take the time to thank Heavenly Father for those with spiritual gifts that create more joy and happiness not only for us but for our world. We need to be grateful for their willingness to share and spread their passion; their love.

My daughter Darbylynne and  I were in Earthfare today. We meandered around the store. It is not easy taking a two -year old shopping; more so with one that desires to push the cart around,”All by herself!”. Navigating can be a nightmare if one does not focus. But I digress, we placed the various items we needed in her cart. I decided to try lunch there since it was noon. She was pointing out all the food in the deli window, while attempting to try to taste it with her tongue! As we waited in line to pay for our food,  I heard her sweet voice say,” Mommy, Look!”. I followed her finger to the sweet notes that lifted the air up in the cafe.  A young man was playing a violin.  He was quite a distance from us and he was not very loud either. I was surprised she noticed it from so far away.  So I looked at her and said,” Lets eat lunch and listen to the violin  okay?” Her eyes grew big with a smile. We proceeded to sit next to him and listen while we ate.

Through the entire lunch, I watched this young man play with all his heart. He sat in the midst of some flowers and samples of cookies.  Many people glossed right over him. The two ladies beside us enjoying their lunch did not stop to even acknowledge him.  To his right he had a little stereo. He sat on a folded chair and his violin case, which had a purple plush lining, laid open for tips. He wasn’t playing alone.  With every other song, he touched the button of the stereo and a piano would accompany him.  Not once did he open his eyes. Not once did he loose focus of the task at hand. He was playing his instrument for all to hear with all his heart and all his breathe. When one of his strings went out of tune, he ever so gently and quietly tuned it and  proceed onto the next song. What impressed me the most, was the way his body swayed to the melody. He moved with the gracefulness and ease. The violin and him were never two separate systems. They were one. Every note he played came from his heart. You could feel it as the bow stroked the strings. You see it on his form. You could hear it in the music.

For some time, we ate and listened.  I enjoyed watching my daughter dance in her chair while eating. Every so often while I hummed, she would stop and give me a great big hug. Several songs later, my satiated two year old she cheered and clapped when the musician ended his current song.  I saw him break his dance.  He looked over at her and smiled one of the warmest smiles, I have yet to see on another person in a very long time. He was sincerely grateful for the response from Darby. Her eyes locked on to him and she said,”More, please!” He quickly obliged and continued to dance.

This moment of joy was incredible inspiration.  This young mans love for music was deeply conveyed  in every aspect of  his movements. Every note heard by myself and my daughter filled us with light. How Heavenly Father can inspire us to be our best and share that joy and happiness with others is heart rendering to say the least!

This young man shared his love of music with others. This young man was inspired by some good somewhere and it permeated every aspect of his body while he played.  This is what a spiritual warrior does! They share their gift with others. They do so with the intent to bring joy in our  world, when  at times it can be filled with much despair and grief. His were not completely altruistic as he was there to make some cash. But how many people stop to notice such beauty when it occupies the very space they are in? Not many. Right after my daughter cheered on this young man, several people stopped to see her excitement. Realizing what she was so exuberance about,  some people did place some tips in the case.  Sadly though, not until they noticed Darby.

I spent most of the day pondering this experience. This was not the first person I came across this week with a spiritual gift. My massage therapist  happens to be the other. He is blessed to a be a conduit of healing. Mind you, I have been massaged quite a bit over my lifetime, but this young man is different. He utilizes his knowledge of the body and its systems as well as a bit of intuition to understand where to proceed on a client. I knew when I met him that he was different. The difference became evident when he asked to do some energy work on my neck. He said, ” I get the impression you are burdened and you need this on your neck.” With that, I opened myself up and allowed some healing. I am not a big fan of Reiki. I was taught to be selective with whom and how I share my Light energy.   After a momentary Light check, he seemed to be on the up and up. So I opened myself up to this healing.  What an amazing experience!  His gift of touch coupled with his knowledge of the Creator were able to heal a body worn out from helping others. Sometimes healers need healing. Sometimes we need to humble ourselves enough to allow others to help us too.

These experiences promoted some really thought provoking questions:  Do I give thanks  for those who are passionate with their gifts? Do I praise Heavenly Father  enough for providing inspiration to such individuals? Do I spend more time worrying about what I need to do instead of enjoying the moment? Do I treasure the moments that stand still? Did I even notice any of  them?  Lastly, do I utilize my spiritual gifts to their full potential? More importantly though, do you?

In His arms,





One response

2 09 2011
Pat Cegan

Michele, what a beautiful story and message for us all. Thank you for reminding us to honor the blessings that are all around as well as our own gifts. Hugs, pat

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