On being a friend….

2 05 2012

What is friendship? What does it look like?

I have been pondering these two questions for quiet some time; the last 7 years to be honest. I’ve had friends for a reason or a season. I struggled for many years defining myself within my friendships.  I thought I would be judged a good person by the friendships I kept . If my friends were pretty and smart, well then so was I.  If my friends were rich and funny then I believed I was too.  I see this differently now.   You are defined by the company you keep. Being funny, rich, pretty and smart really do not mean anything. What matters is how you treat one another. How you love one another. Who you are friends with is a reflection of how you love yourself and where you are at in your relationship with Heavenly Father.

Our very first relationship is with our mother and father. Whether it exists or not, these two relationship are practice grounds with others.  As we grow into our family, our relationship with Heavenly Father is the next most  important relationship. If we do not communicate effectively with Heavenly Father or our parents we will never really learn how to treat our friends properly. We may learn what behaviors we can get away with. We may learn what is acceptable or unacceptable but the world can be seen with skewed eyes. Eyes that have really never seen true love or acceptance.  Not from respect for a higher power. The world is seen as a place to Navigate.   Some family’s are not committed to teaching a relationship with HIM, but it is possible to have one and not a prerequisite to be taught by family. Life just becomes sticky until Heavenly Father is found;until a relationship with him is truly sought.

My relationship with Heavenly Father started early on. We never really went to church, but I did go to VBS. It was in VBS I was taught how to have a relationship with I AM. When I was down and out from the verbal assaults I experienced, I prayed. When My body hurt from the physical assaults, I prayed. When I felt alone. I prayed.  This peace that passed in understanding who HE is has always been there. It just took some spiritual growth from me to re-cultivate it and treat it as the precious Gem it deserves. I am so grateful for my family, our preacher and our church home. I am so grateful for a place to safely send my children. Friendship is a blessing from Heavenly Father. When it is nurtured in Lord God Jehovah amazing things happens. People are loved. Children are loved. People are saved.  Through love all things are possible. Through love of Heavenly Father and friendships the world is a much better place. Be careful of the company you keep. Guard your heart. Let Father lead you to friendships based in HIM. Based in Love.





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