Old Glory

10 11 2012

As we approached the Clemson road exit, we all notice the stars and stripes on the hill top at the Hyundai dealership. We missed our exit and I now know why. It was lit up like a Christmas tree. Majestic. Serene. Peacefully reminding us of its presence. At the same time we stopped, we were listening to the Celtic Wom
en sing “you lift me up so I can climb on mountains… you lift me up “. In that moment, we all marveled at the beauty of the size of that flag standing proudly before us. It was like we had a front row seat at a concert. The waves of the colors gracefully allowed the wind to caress them as they moved throughout the crisp night air. The movement was mesmerizing. Larkin could not believe the size of this awesome flag. He kept saying over and over…. “Mommy that is a huge flag. Have you ever seen one so big?” Shane said, ever so quietly in the back,”I wonder if they ever felt this way during the American Revolution. I wonder if they ever thought it looked this beautiful mommy.” A tear ran down my cheek. “Yes it is big Larkin. It is beautiful Shane…” Darby , the three year old, was next. She whined.. in a very sad, teary, and shaky voice,” I miss Daddy so much mommy. I miss him so much. I need him to come home”. I angled my hand back from the front seat.. and held hers for a long time… a long long time…we all sat quietly…I said,”I know baby. I know.” That moment in time, I will treasure in my heart. For one moment, we all felt the beauty, the tranquility and the awesomeness that our national flag stands for…..For one moment, I was so proud of to be a military wife. For one moment, we all felt so much gratitude for our daddy Jeff and those who fought in wars before now, while feeling the loss of him in our home.. Thank you to all the families who serve in armed forces. Thank you to my hubby for standing guard when so many would choose otherwise. I am forever grateful, as our my children




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