I Refuse…

3 02 2013

I Refuse

by Jeff Shearin

I refuse to be an apathetic man of the 21st century; my God, my wife, my children, my family and friends, my church, my community, and my country deserve better than that

I refuse to take my wife for granted and not let her know she is the best person God has ever put in my life

I refuse to not love and support my wife properly and treat her with respect; she is too valuable and precious

I refuse to not be a leader in my home; merely “bringing home the bacon” is not enough

I refuse to not teach my children, discipline my children, or love my children; I must live purposefully and raise them accordingly

I refuse to succumb to what society thinks of my beliefs anymore; thankfully, the one Being who knows my heart and motives better than anyone . . . is really the only one that matters

I refuse not to show and tell others what the love of Christ can do for them . . . as it has done, and still does, for me

I refuse to accept the notion that I was created by happenstance or for no reason; we were all created ON purpose and FOR a purpose

I refuse to be an innocent bystander in my faith anymore; Jesus didn’t call me (or any of us) to be spectators at the game, but to be players on the field

I refuse to be judged by society and cultural standards; my measure of “success” is weighed on an eternal scale

I refuse for my children to one day leave our home without a love for God, love for others, solid work ethic, a set of Biblically-based values, a confident self-esteem, and knowing that their parents love them

I refuse for my daughter to one day leave our home not knowing what type of man she needs to look for in a mate

I refuse to allow my sons to become men who measure themselves by the dollars in their salary, number of people that work for them, or by putting God and family behind their careers

I refuse not to parent with my grandchildren in mind

I refuse not to love my wife as Christ loved the Church . . . willing to die for it

I refuse to take for granted the love of our Heavenly Father who sent His son to reconcile our sinful natures by His living example then through His sacrifice . . . a death that Jesus took willingly, knowing it was God’s ultimate purpose for Him




3 responses

5 02 2013

Amen! May more men rise up and be like you!

4 07 2013

Great words, sir, and worthy of respect. Thank you for sharing your commitment.

5 07 2013
Ramblings of a military spouse....

Thank you! I am blessed to have him as a partner and best friend!

Every comment is appreciated....

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