A regurgitated Republican, disillusioned Democrat and a lurking Libertarian

12 05 2013

My parents were Republicans. They were angry Republicans and I often listened to their racist comments whenever we were at my grandparents. We were there a lot. It became so ugly, I frequently left the dinner table. I could not stand it. Just the memories of those nasty conversations still make me sick to my stomach. I even tried arguing one time; that did not go well for me. So I went back to what I always did and just remained quiet. I also continued to leave the table; often. This is one of the big reasons I refuse to be quiet anymore. To be quiet and sit ideally by is another means of accepting the status quote.

My fathers family is German. Germans understand racism. They perfected it during WWII. Any history book worth its salt will confirm this. My Oma and Opa left Germany and changed their names because of Hitler. They were so embarrassed because all that happened over there, they could not even admit for a time we were German, let alone talk in our native tongue.

I went to college and left the house. I fell back on my roots and became a regurgitated Republican.I did what any kid would do when they leave the house; I voted the way my parents did. I voted for Bush Sr. He said he would not raise taxes , but he did and that was straw that broke the proverbial camels back. The party of my father lost me forever. I became a pendulum. I swung the other way. Here comes the disillusioned Democrat.

The next big election came and I voted for Clinton. I voted for Democrats until 2012. I bought into the idea that we need to lift up the poor of us. I believed in the idea that we were not responsible for our own lot and we had no culpability in our lives. They packaged it up, made it look all pretty and I bought into it. Reality hits though when you have children. More importantly your line of sight changes when you develop a relationship with Heavenly Father. You see the world through His eyes;through a spiritual lens. I am not the disillusioned democrat anymore. Now I moved to the middle… I am a lurking Libertarian.

Before this election, we had a break in at 2:30 am in the morning. This was the 7th break in, I might add. This time they came when we were home. When someone breaks into your home at that hour, they do not have good intentions. When someone comes in at that hour it feels like being raped. I had 5 kids in the house, as a friend was over that night.

Pre break- in, a neighbor encouraged me for many years to get a weapon. He kept telling me I needed some protection for myself and the children. Jeff was always on the go. Always out of town since his last deployment as he was in a travel position. This was the best we could do since we needed to stay here. You see we were in a lawsuit over our house. Another aspect of my brush with the government and it’s inability to protect its people.

Since that break in, things have changed drastically for our family. We no longer vaccinate. We support chiropractic care, we try hard to not eat GMO products, we eat only organic food as well and try not to eat processed food. We are also out of credit card debt. This was huge. Both my husband and I saw it as a form of slavery; and many people are now servants to their jobs because of their debt. It is a sad state of affairs not being taught how to manage your money. But one that comes naturally in a world without the Holy Spirit. I also have a concealed weapon permit and I pack. It saved us at a McDonald’s with a gang in January, and saved my children and I from someone the other night when we were stuck down town. Lastly, and most importantly, my relationship with Heavenly Father. I have one now. It bled over to my children and my husband. To say that one person can’t make a difference is naive; it happens every day, we just do not get 24 hours of news coverage on it, so it must not be important! We also celebrate my Native American heritage and Christianity in our home. This comes at no small feat as the things we do are often seen as Pagan.

I have read many books on the nature of human beings and their lust for power. History is a great teacher of men, if they give it time. I have researched all the above topics and even started to plant seeds of doubt in some of my friends. I lurk about on the Internet, blogs, homeschooling groups, my neighborhood and even my church. I am the one who will hold the constitution in her hand and remind you that safety is not a good compromise for your civil liberties. I believe in the right of someone to choose their religion. I believe in a persons right to participate in recreational drugs, without fear of jail time. I believe in the right to free speech no matter how ugly, as you can choose to walk away. I believe in an individuals right to carry and armed weapon anywhere as someone can walk up to you and look innocent but they may other intentions you may not be privy too. So it is my God given right to carry a weapon. I believe in survival of the fittest as this world is not my home. Heavenly Father will provide for me when I pass. Based on this belief, some people will die and some won’t. We can’t make this world perfect; to do so would diminish our civil liberties. I believe in a persons right to choose an abortion and persons right to marry whomever they want. This doesn’t not mean that these things will ever be made holy, it just means you have a right to choose your own path. I give myself permission to not judge; that is Heavenly Fathers job not mine! If we regulate these things, we take away a persons free will and do not allow them to come to Heavenly Father on his terms. On our own free will. I believe we all have a responsibility to keep our Mother Earth clean. I can’t force you to make the right choice for our mother but I will be their to defend her; not at the expanse of my civil liberties though. Nope not those. But you can bet I will tell you you are wrong. I have been pointing the finger my whole life, it was just the last few years I realized I had three pointing back at me!

I believe in the federal government of our founding fathers: not the one we have before us today. The federal government started out as something totally different then what we see before us. We have done some great things for women and african americans, but we have done some horrible things as well, just look at our treatment of Native Americans, African Americans, Spanish Americans, slavery and the eugenics movement to name a few. Again, history is a great teacher of men, if you study it.

Our founding fathers intended our congressmen and senators to be honest; and they knew people would not be. They debated many aspects of our humanity and the role of government. These discussions were published in the Federalist papers , which should be a requirement for all children in public education but it isn’t sadly though. There is no honesty in politics today. It has became a pendulum and swung the other way, just like I did. There is corruption, greed, evil and special interests everywhere there is a position, to deny that aspect of politics is taint a mount to sticking your head in the sand. It is all about getting re-elected to office. Forget term limits, that will not work either as the political machine is so tethered down right now by special interests that “we the people” do not have any real power anymore. We are controlled by the media, and by our fears. We are so worried about our own needs we are not even paying attention the real picture right in front of us. We are controlled. We are on the road to Fascism and I will be here lurking. Lurking as a libertarian and remind you that the constitution still has teeth even if you do not want to believe it. The constitution still affords my right to not vaccinate, to not participate in public education, to not participate in mandated healthcare, and to believe that all people no matter what creed, sex, religion and sexual orientation have a right to be free and live their lives with out hurting another’s journey. There has to be a balance. We crave a balance as humans otherwise we not feel a need to take care of one another. There needs to be a balance and we need to find it quickly. But the one thing I heave learned about human nature is we do not balance our needs and wants very well. History is a good teacher of that but we do not teach real history anymore, just what is necessary to control the masses.





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