A light in the Darkness.

18 10 2013

Whenever we pray, these are some of the most important words we use in our family.  They are very powerful words. Heavenly Father equips us with the ability to be a Light in the darkness; the choice is ours. Those are hard words to live up too. Let’s take it a step further. Let’s add a bible verse.

1 John 7 :But if we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin.

For an entire year I heard ,”Walk in the Light as He is in the Light.” One of the gifts Heavenly Father has honored me with is the spiritual gift of discernment. For many years though, I did not know this was a gift.  It felt like a curse. To be able to know something about a person, place or event before it unfolds, to know whether or not a person is not of the Light (generally good); was how It rolled.   It started at age 7. But what Heavenly Father grants and inspires, the other side tries desperately tries to pervert. The main objective of the darkness is to pervert the Light. It is a never-ending battle. Oh I know, many of you do not want to talk about spiritual warfare. Well to bad. Were discussing it today boys and girls!

For many years, I was scared of it.  All I could see was the evil in this world. I was able to discern demons and Heavenly Fathers Angels. Yes, you read that correctly. I see things.  To coin a phrase, I see dead people.  Yes, I know that is a scary as I still live it daily!  There are spirits though  that still choose to walk this earth because of their unfinished business.  These spirits do not believe they deserve to walk in the Light with Heavenly Father.  Talk about a freaky gift! I bet you are wanting to sign up for this one too huh?

When all you see is the darkness, you tend to get a wee bit freaked out and not recognize the Light; especially when it is right in front of you.   The other side keeps the focus on the scary stuff rather than the beautiful moments. This is why so many people with this gift tend to think they are crazy, and go crazy too. Who ever wants to admit that they see things? I mean it is a one way trip to a cushy padded cell. We all know this…..

For years I wondered what is the purpose of my gift?  It has taken me years to figure that out… and it may not be the same for you, but here it goes.

It is to educate…..

We are all the salt of the earth. We have a responsibility to share our gifts as they are God ordained.  The enemy wants to place obstacles, people, and problems in our path to keep us from sharing Heavenly Fathers Light. The enemy wants to keep Love out of this world. The enemy’s sole mission is  to keep you from loving Heavenly Father.  Heavenly Fathers objective is to remind satan,  repeatedly,  that His imperfect children (us) are here to spread His love. He gave Lucifer, his top angel, everything. He gave him so much that Lucifer coveted Heavenly Fathers throne. He coveted it so much,  Lucifer was thrown out of Heaven and the battle between good and evil has waged on ever since. So what does that have to do with you and I? We are soldiers in this battle. We have the gift of free will. We continually choose which side to serve in our daily walk with Heavenly Father.

To be quite frank, the other side would love nothing more than to keep you afraid. Fear is one of the greatest tools of the enemy.  Think of all the things you fear…..Think of all the things you have never done because of it! The Light is love. Pure and simple. There is no fear in love. It is just love.  Every action you complete here  and now has a spiritual effect in this world. We are spiritual beings in a human existence.

Think about that… we are spiritual beings in a human existence. We were meant to be with Heavenly Father. We started out in the garden, we chose to fall.

Consider this as well.

The further you walk away from Heavenly Father, spiritually speaking, the easier it is to keep you away from the Light of Him.

This verse in 1 John does not talk about what others need to do. It is not telling you to point your finger at those around you or those you love. It reminds us, when you point your finger at someone else,  you need to consider those three fingers that are pointing right back into your hand.  YES, that is right! You need to consider those three fingers pointing back in YOUR HAND!

They are  pointing to you my friend.   Our walk with Heavenly Father is a journey with Him. Go ahead….. You can do it! take your hand and point it at something right now…..

Point that finger. I DARE you!

See those three fingers pointing right back at you?

I love this analogy. It came to me the other day during a pretty emotional time…The picture of a pointing finger, with three fingers pointing right back!. It is so subtle. So very subtle…… Those three fingers remind us of  Heavenly Father, His Son and His Holy Spirit. It takes a belief in all three of them to walk in the Light. It takes a submissive heart for Him,  a prayer life with Him, a discernment for the Holy Spirit, a belief in the sacrifice of the Son, for your walk to truly be a Light in the darkness. Your worship, your faith requires you to actively seek Him. We are not passengers in the boat of life. We are active paddlers; sometimes daily, sometimes moment by moment. Where we go on our journey depends on where Heavenly Father decides he needs us.

These past two weeks have been extremely difficult emotionally.  I did not realize the significance of all this finger-pointing until  I spent another good hour in the shower crying. I have finally forgiven my mother. I lived a very fearful childhood. My step father was physically and emotionally abusive growing up. I lived with a bully. The two most important relationships in any persons life,  our mother and father, were wrought with fear, anxiety and  abuse. To forgive my step father was easy compared to my mother. She watched, she observed, she stood by and did nothing. It became much harder to forgive her when I started homeschooling too.

So I sat in that shower for most of the week. I cried alone. I cried with my children. I cried with my best friend, my hubby. I talked with several of my dear friends as well. It was a long week to say the least. This last time in the shower crying was different though. I was in complete darkness. Holding myself closely, I felt a desire to open my eyes and look around.  I was emotionally exhausted. My head was in so much pain. That moment sucked!   As I opened my eyes though, I noticed the bracelet on my wrist. How could I not?  It glowed in the dark.

I flood of relief washed over me. How BEAUTIFUL!

The visual of the glow in the dark bracelet on my wrist made me cry even more.  This was a the visual reminder i needed right then.  Heavenly Father showed me I was not alone. He was with me even at a time was at my lowest and I felt hopeless. He was the Light in the Darkness! This small token of love from a dear friend’s son, healed my aching heart.

In this moment, a wave of forgiveness cleansed my heart.   Forgiveness is not about pointing a finger at someone. It is about pointing the finger and realizing the three fingers pointing right back at you. It as about being a Light in the Darkness as he command s in 1 John 7.  I was able to forgive my mother and my father. I was able to see that forgiving my mother enabled me to move on with my life and be the blessing I was meant to be for my husband, children and friends. So I challenge you to  point your finger and be a Light in the darkness today. Love someone you think you can’t. Love someone who may not deserve it. You will be a better person because of it. I promise.






2 responses

20 10 2013
Heather O'Connor

Your words really inspire me…..it is so much easier at times to keep the lights off and hide out in the cold darkness. It almost becomes easier after awhile to just stay undercover and that is how the enemy wants it. Opening our eyes after they have been covered in evil’s dark shadow can be so blinding at first that we are tempted to close them right back up, but if we have faith and allow God’s light to permeate our hearts & our souls…..we can bask in the freedom only His warmth brings!
You are a LIGHT Michele!… I am blessed by our blossoming friendship and by your beauty. You are not afraid to be exactly who you are, …though you are humble and never pretend to be perfect. I have never met anyone like you and you challenge me to open my eyes and really think about things, …though you do not place the expectation on me to share every thought or belief alike. Your love for Him is evident, and that is so beautiful to me.
You have a heart for others and seek to be a light in this world, even when your shoulders cannot bear the weight of any more burden.
……I am so thankful that God placed you in my life ❤
Thank you for reminding me to look for the light and to be a light,
You are so very SPECIAL!

With Much Love,

A quote I love:
“Whatever you are physically…male or female, strong or weak, ill or healthy–all those things matter less than what your heart contains. If you have the soul of a warrior, you are a warrior. All those other things, they are the glass that contains the lamp, but you are the light inside.”
― Cassandra Clare

5 11 2013
Ramblings of a military spouse....

Thank you so much for you words of encouragement. You have been a joy to get to know and I am honored to call you friend! Thanks so much for taking the time to read and write your thoughts. It means a lot. Insure hope to see you here more often!

Every comment is appreciated....

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