Life with pets….

5 01 2014

Our family was driving in the car the other day, when we all pondered what life would be like without our animals. Besides 3 crazy children, we also have 6 furry four-legged babies.  They are Tahoe 7, Jimmy Buffet 5, Roscoe 5, Daisy Mae 14, Laci 8, and Chelsea 1.  All the boys are Bassett Hounds  and all the girl are cats.  Here is a fresh look at what we encounter often…

1. No longer the proud owners of a Kirby vacuum, we would enjoy the cost of a cheaper model without going into debt for the one that would withstand all the years of hair.

2. The game of “Search for the Hair roller,” would be non-existent. Who has hair?

3. There would be enough seating in our living room on movie night, it will never look like this….



4. The side of our house would no longer be called,”Death Valley” since Laci would no longer leave behind evidence of  her recent fresh kills!

5.  Nightly midnight play sessions with Chelsea someones poor  feet would no longer be a main concern for myself, Jeff and our son Shane; we could sleep with the door open and  sleep un-interrupted.

6. Chelsea’s daily game of “chase Daisy Mae” would decrease our chiropractic bill, dramatically.

7.  No more wondering if the weather stripping that you re-placed around your doors will survive the cats. If we had no cats, they would not be stuck outside or in the garage and leave evidence of their extreme prejudice.

8. Our house would no longer be known as the “House with the Howling Hounds”.

9.  A daily 6am wake up call would be a thing of the past. No longer concerned about bathroom leaks, we could actually sleep in!

10. The people at Mill Creek will no longer recognize us and know our eating habits.

11. The garbage men would no longer be afraid to empty our garbage.

12. The wolf pack picnic table  in our backyard would no longer be a pack gathering spot.

13. Stuffed animals could breath a sigh of relief. Jimmy would no longer be around to eat them or , legos, shoes, and anything else left in his line of fire.

14. The Christmas tree would cease to be a trapeze for Chelsea, and it would no longer loose needles since she would not be there to sleep in it.

15. The floor beneath our kitchen table would have layers of old food from 3 messy children.

16. Our house food bill would go down, as the dogs would not be there to counter serf daily!

17. Lastly, rainy days would not make mom crazy. Paw prints would not be everywhere….

So if you get a hankering for a hound or a feline there will be moments of tension I guarantee it,  but the unconditional love that accompanies them is priceless!






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