Mindfully spending time…

21 07 2014



Recently our family ticker has focused on the theme of mindful parenting. For myself, it started a year ago with Heavenly Fathers insistence I become more mindful of who and what I spend my time on. For those of you who are unaware, homeschooling is not all about eating bons-bons throughout the day.  It can be a logistical nightmare if you do not learn how to effectively juggle.  You learn, and I might add very quickly, to juggle housework, schooling, spouse time, and the ever important personal  time to prohibit crazy mom syndrome from appearing,  all while juggling activities for  each childs’ individual needs.  It is not an easy feat.  Through this process, I became extremely  mindful about what we did as a family and as a school.   These lessons came crashing down pretty hard on my hubby all at once when Larkin needed him the other night.

Homeschooling is still new to him as he was on his 4th deployment when we experienced our first year. He missed so many things. During this past week off work, our son Larkin, who is shown in the above picture, broke out into another rash.  So often I submit my tired body to the cause of motherhood and whenever nurturing is needed, I jump in head first. Natural instincts kick in during times of stress. This time was different. My son requested his father’s presence until the medicine kicked in for the hives. He wanted Jeff to sleep with him and snuggle with him. This was new territory for both of us.

My hubby and I were never ones for co-sleeping with our children. I changed when we had Darbylynne.  It went into over drive when Jeff deployed.   I needed her with me because I missed him immensely. She was still small and I was lonely.  Additionally, the kids and I started weekly slumber parties.  Sometimes we would read or play games. Sometimes we would invent stories and often times we would pray together.   Now we are constantly asked if they can sleep with us. We even take turns snuggling with them and sleeping with them  in our bed or theirs.

After Jeff and Larkin’s boys night,  my hubby realized  how much the boys needed him. He felt it in his heart.  Keep in mind, I have been praying for this realization for Jeff for two years. I have told him repeatedly how much they need him.  He never felt it until now. It never really sunk in how much they loved him and looked up to him until Larkin expressed a need to be with him.  Over the last few days and series of conversations, this realization has evolved into the idea that what we give our children and what they need are two very different things. Sound familiar?

Three years ago we were paying for the best local private school in the area. I was volunteering and doing all the right things for our children; things that we perceived they needed in order to be successful in this world. The one thing we were not doing though, was spending quality time with them. Rushing from activity to activity was keeping us busy, and we were not mindful of what they really needed, which was our time.  By our actions we were telling our children that the things we do were more important than time we spent with them. Homeschooling forced us to be more mindful of whom we associated with; it forced us to examine what morals we wanted installed in their character. It forced us to reexamine every aspect of our parenting. Character become one of two focal points in our homeschooling education program; mindfulness of Heavenly Father was the other.

We are asked to spend time with Heavenly Father daily and weekly in prayer. We are asked to cultivate a relationship with him. Relationships take effort and time.  Doing things for our children is not the same as spending time with them.  It is in spending time with them, we learn about their personalities and we are able to guide them through their lives. Children need guidance from their parents. They need to be shown how to be Christian men and women in a fallen world and that takes effort and mindfulness on the parents part.

So many parents do the right things and forget to spend time. Society suffers because of this. Prison population is on the rise. Gang membership is on the rise. Teen pregnancy is on the rise as well.   So many parents do not have balance within their own lives to even notice the children they have given birth too. They are too worried about paying the bills and doing their job to even realize the gems they have right in front of them. They leave it to the schools, the neighborhood and the church to raise their children. Trickle down economics does not equate with raising children.

I am not boasting that our family way is the best way to accomplish mindful parenting and I certainly not saying that our way is the correct way. But what I want to challenge you to consider  are you spending enough down time outside TV, play dates, schoolwork, doctors appointments, activities and life in general with your children?  My husband had a great father, but he has no memories of spending quality time with him. He has no memories of sharing intimate thoughts or emotions with him either. He was expected to understand what manhood is without intimate guidance from his father, as was I when it came to motherhood.

I do not want this for my children. I don’t want to wake up one day and realize that I do not know them intimately, know their quirks, their fears or even what makes them laugh. Heavenly Father expects us to be transparent in our relationship with him as well as intimate too. You can’t be intimate with your children if you do not spend time with them, just like you can’t be intimate with Heavenly Father if you do not make time for Him either.

I really close friend of mine is about to lose  her father in law. In talking  with her yesterday and sharing her story with my hubby, all three of us came to some pretty deep conclusions. Our hearts ache for this situation.  This  man, who will be leaving  this world, knew  he fell short with his children. He was given the gift of more time with a  dilapidating disease.  He did nothing with it though. He never moved into a more intimate relationship with either of his sons.  So as his sons go to see him off, he leaves this world knowing he failed them and this causes baggage. Baggage that could potentially keep him from a beautiful life with Heavenly Father; his soul is in pain when it should be a beautiful time to rejoice. My soul grieves for all the loved ones involved here. I am not sure about you, but when I go see my Heavenly Father I would prefer to not leave behind any unfinished business.

My prayer for you today is you become more mindful of your time and who you are spending it with. I pray you find balance in your own life not only as a parent but also with your spouse.  I pray you are more mindful with how you spend time with your children. Lastly,  I pray they become the focus of your life after Heavenly Father.

Be at peace,




Life with pets….

5 01 2014

Our family was driving in the car the other day, when we all pondered what life would be like without our animals. Besides 3 crazy children, we also have 6 furry four-legged babies.  They are Tahoe 7, Jimmy Buffet 5, Roscoe 5, Daisy Mae 14, Laci 8, and Chelsea 1.  All the boys are Bassett Hounds  and all the girl are cats.  Here is a fresh look at what we encounter often…

1. No longer the proud owners of a Kirby vacuum, we would enjoy the cost of a cheaper model without going into debt for the one that would withstand all the years of hair.

2. The game of “Search for the Hair roller,” would be non-existent. Who has hair?

3. There would be enough seating in our living room on movie night, it will never look like this….



4. The side of our house would no longer be called,”Death Valley” since Laci would no longer leave behind evidence of  her recent fresh kills!

5.  Nightly midnight play sessions with Chelsea someones poor  feet would no longer be a main concern for myself, Jeff and our son Shane; we could sleep with the door open and  sleep un-interrupted.

6. Chelsea’s daily game of “chase Daisy Mae” would decrease our chiropractic bill, dramatically.

7.  No more wondering if the weather stripping that you re-placed around your doors will survive the cats. If we had no cats, they would not be stuck outside or in the garage and leave evidence of their extreme prejudice.

8. Our house would no longer be known as the “House with the Howling Hounds”.

9.  A daily 6am wake up call would be a thing of the past. No longer concerned about bathroom leaks, we could actually sleep in!

10. The people at Mill Creek will no longer recognize us and know our eating habits.

11. The garbage men would no longer be afraid to empty our garbage.

12. The wolf pack picnic table  in our backyard would no longer be a pack gathering spot.

13. Stuffed animals could breath a sigh of relief. Jimmy would no longer be around to eat them or , legos, shoes, and anything else left in his line of fire.

14. The Christmas tree would cease to be a trapeze for Chelsea, and it would no longer loose needles since she would not be there to sleep in it.

15. The floor beneath our kitchen table would have layers of old food from 3 messy children.

16. Our house food bill would go down, as the dogs would not be there to counter serf daily!

17. Lastly, rainy days would not make mom crazy. Paw prints would not be everywhere….

So if you get a hankering for a hound or a feline there will be moments of tension I guarantee it,  but the unconditional love that accompanies them is priceless!